Facility Direct Digital Control

The Sphere Systems Pty Ltd Direct Digital Control (DDC) system called Facility is an all Australian designed and manufactured product.
The user interface to the Sphere Systems' DDC is system is via a program called Facility . A great deal of attention has been given to making the operation of the DDC system as simple as possible for the end user. The front-end software is used to specify a points database and to generate the configuration for each minicom.
The control program uses a password logon procedure and can be setup in such a way as to give different users different access privileges. For example one can limit a user to only being able to monitor points but not change them. An inbuilt mail system allows users to send messages to each other.

The software allows the user complete control over the DDC system. The user can develop their own plant drawings and can overlay text and point data on these drawings. When running online, the point data will display the actual minicom point status and this can be modified by the user. Point names can be changed and additional points can be incorporated into the system by the end user.
The user can also change the minicom configuration and download this information to the minicom by clicking a single button. Real-time trending is displayed graphically as well. This graphical display can be manipulated in several ways. Real-time trending uses the front-end to obtain the data from the field at regular intervals while background trending uses the internal logging capability of the Minicoms to continue logging even if the front-end program is stopped.
Alarms generated by the Minicoms are logged automatically to a disk file and are also displayed to the user.

Facility DDC