Facility Access Control

The user interface to the Access Control system is via a program called Security. This program is very heavily graphically orientated. The control program uses a password logon procedure and can be setup in such a way as to give different users different access privileges. For example, one can limit a user to only being able to monitor doors but not change them. In addition, the network mode of the program allows the configuration of a network of Doorcom units while in standalone mode only a single Doorcom unit is configured and monitored. The network version requires the use of a DP44 network controller

A great deal of attention has been given to making the operation of the access control system as simple as possible for the end user The front-end software is used to specify a user access database and to generate the configuration for each user.
The software allows the operator complete control over the system. Names can be changed and additional doors and users can be incorporated into the system. The operator can also change the Doorcom configuration and download this information to the Doorcom by clicking a single button.
Facility Access