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    Sphere Systems was formed in 1986 by a team of engineers at the Austin Hospital, driven by a clear direction to develop a control system tailored for the needs of the hospital.

    Over time, Sphere Systems expanded its offerings to include door access controls, gaining widespread adoption in hospitals throughout Victoria. Its reliable capabilities were utilised in universities, multi-story buildings, and government sites. In the early 2000s, the company launched WebXL, a successful generation of web-based controllers, recognised both in Australia and internationally for multi-story buildings.

    In 2017, Sphere Systems underwent rebranding as Environmental Automation. However, in 2019, the products were acquired by CF Systems, bringing back the original Sphere Systems name. With a new team of Electronics and Software Engineers, they introduced the WebAI, a pioneering controller continuing the webpage-based approach and native BACnet capabilities while maintaining backward compatibility with previous generations.
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    The present team possesses more than two decades of experience installing and maintaining the Sphere product range at Bendigo Health. With an impressive 5,000+ BMS points and 350+ doors.

    Additionally, since 2011, they have been serving as contractors across various sites nationwide. The extended team's expertise extends to managing sites where all three generations of controls are still operational to this day.

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“Great service provided by Sphere systems in a very high pressure hospital environment, Ben is a very knowledgeable in all aspects of A/C and BMS controls. Weather it’s fixed remotely or on site no job is too big or too small”

Anthony Marney - Facilities Manager | Epworth HealthCare

"I highly recommend Sphere Systems for their Building Management and Security Access systems. The team provide excellent customer service and thorough communication regarding any queries. Ben is always quick to respond to any of our service requests and consistently provides an exceptional level of service. Thanks to them, we are able to run our systems efficiently."

Claire Bilcliff - Monash Health

“MB’s experience with Sphere has been excellent. We’ve particularly appreciated their programming and PLC experience and the speed of their support. In addition to collaborating with Sphere on various control projects during ordinary hours, we’ve often relied on them for after-hours and ad-hoc support when things don’t go to plan. They have always been a responsive and reliable partner for MB.”

Christopher Paulson - Director | MB GROUP